BoZoN 2.4 build 15

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Hi folks !

There's a new version witch add a few options:

  1. A cron acces to regen the ID base:$cron_security_string (see  config.php to change security key)
  2. A new import option that allow to easily import a shared folder (or file) from another instance of BoZoN onto your server.
  3. Stats page now shows the access type: RSS, JSON, Website or export.
  4. The two icons to change the layout view are now just one icon: Showing the current mode was useless ^^

Download on Github :

or form our server:

Seeya ;-)


Bozon 2.4 build 2

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Good evening everyone !

I just commited a version to fix some bugs, as said in the changelog below, and I'm finishing a real user friendly config page ^^.

I also added a roadmap page for those who likes to follow my work (and understands some french ^^ )

Thanks to all users who help me in my debugging job: it would be a real pain in the ass without you !


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